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Media Training 101 By Jameis Winston

Written by Lee Gordon. Posted in 180 Blog

Jameis Winston

As a former sideline reporter, I always have empathy for reporters who have to ask the tough questions on the sidelines after a loss or ask the question that they really don’t want to ask, but the entire world wants to know.

I don’t always agree with the process behind it, but I understand the process.

On Saturday night, moments after Florida State won the ACC Championship, Jameis Winston was interviewed by Heather Cox of ESPN. The interview started off as it should, talking about the win and the trip to the national championship. But Cox then asked Winston about the sexual assault allegations that Winston had been facing for the past month—he was cleared of any involvement but no reporter has asked him the question—until Saturday night.

Tweeting and Humor in a Crisis Should Not be Mixed

Written by Lee Gordon. Posted in 180 Blog

Jameis Winston

Jameis Winston

Being first and being right are what we are taught in journalism school. Get the story right; get it on the air first — nothing more – nothing less.

What we didn’t have to account for was opinion and that’s where social media creates reporters out of everyone. On Thursday, the State Attorney’s office in Florida announced that no charges would be filed against Florida State quarterback Jameis Winston for the sexual assault allegations levied against him.